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The Eek twins

Roos and Geertje Eek make jewelry with factory machines: 'you have to be creative'. If designer Piet Hein Eek is your father, a creative career is the obvious choice. From an early age, the identical twins learn a lot about design: the work-life balance is hard to find in the Eek household. Roos: “When we were in the car, for example, we were given an explanation of what was beautiful and what was not. Colors, objects, architecture – basically about everything, where we were. Even at home, while eating.” Father Eek's design skills have shaped their lives, but the jewelry line? It's their own. The twin sisters prefer not to surf on their father's success. Geertje: “We are inspired by his use of machines, but that's about it. It's much more fun to figure everything out yourself. ”

Tweek Jewelry

Since they founded their company in 2019, Roos and Geertje have already designed and made four collections in our studio in Eindhoven. While Roos is mainly a metal worker, Geertje is a product designer. By joining forces, they have created the jewelry that Tweek markets today. The jewelry is mainly made from recycled materials such as copper, brass and stainless steel. When you think of jewelry, you might imagine a goldsmith in a studio fiddling with tools in front of him. Not at Tweek. Large factory machines in high-tech and the furniture industry are the basis of all their jewelry. “We first look at what such a machine can do with our materials,” says Geertje. “Then we design with those possibilities in mind. That way we end up with fairly robust jewelry that really stands out.” All Tweek jewelry is made in the Netherlands with a focus on sustainability.