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Turina Jewellery is different. The playful use of unconventional materials creates jewelry that not only adorns but also stimulates and fascinates. Turina Jewellery regularly uses well-known objects such as boats or acorns to stimulate the imagination. Turina Jewellery is modest: less is more. It is that little extra, the finishing touch to an outfit. A splash of color, a shiny highlight, or a piece of unrefined material, in the right size, is very decorative.

From here to ...

After several years working on product concepts for design companies, Sandra Turina felt the need to create her own artworks. These had to be small, uncomplicated, easy to manufacture. And above all: they should give pleasure to their owners. In this way, the young Amsterdam label is gradually conquering European hotspots from 2010 onwards. Most jewelry is still made in the studio of designer Sandra Turina. She has an innovative, down-to-earth approach to "getting the job done" that delivers fast, efficient, and imaginative results. Turina Jewellery can be purchased at selected concept stores, gallery stores, fashion boutiques, and some selected web stores.

Collaborations with specialists

A number of Turina Jewellery collections have been developed in collaboration with graphic designers, wood, and porcelain specialists. Opinions of different experts offer new angles and help Turina Jewellery to develop exciting and refreshing results. Thus the range expands and Turina Jewellery broadens the horizon.