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How applicable is this company name!

Apply Creations are literally creative applications. Practical in use as jewellery, decoration, art object or sometimes just as a gadget. Creations for the wall, for on your wrist, for on the table, for in the garden. Owner and designers Jolanda ter Hoeven has endless inspiration and ideas.

From display to design

Jolanda, trained as a window dresser, still displays 2 days a week for her company Merlijn. But in addition to styling shows, events or shop windows, she is nowadays mainly involved in inventing and designing her own fabrications.

Re-used materials

Many of her fabrications originated from the reuse of materials. For the special vases that we sell, Jolanda uses empty wine bottles. She processes the bottles and places them in wooden forms. The whole is a very stable and elegant vase, made from recycled materials. The reuse of materials is the challenge for Jolanda and this way she turns every creation into a unique creation.