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See no waste, see food for creativity

The Upcycle designs produces and sells sustainable products from waste, thus contributing to a circular society. You can find The Upcycle store in Amsterdam, at Sint Annendwarsstraat 13. There you will also find products from other sustainable Dutch labels.

The Upcycle: born of necessity

The need to look further and differently in our environment. Out of the box, innovative, & nbsp; inspiring, socially driven, creative, technical and design are all concepts that represent the essence of The Upcycle. What drives The Upcycle? The simple fact that so much waste is dumped to be destroyed or forgotten, and the search for other options and solutions to transform waste into meaningful, attractive and efficient products.

For anyone who cares.

If you can imagine it, you can realize it. The Upcycle exists to create things of lasting value. Driven by big dreams, convinced of the power of starting small. Local. Together. Always focused on social impact. There are people who see The Upcycle as artists, dreamers, creatives. They like to be seen as makers themselves. Optimistic. Cheeky. Colorful. And fall in love with the endless possibilities that creativity offers.

Inspired by waste

The source of inspiration? Waste ....Yup. Discarded items. Material that society has left behind as useless. Where others only see waste, The Upcycle sees food for creativity. An ocean of possibilities. By transforming used materials into functional design products, The Upcycle helps and encourages people to look differently at the materials around us and to contribute together to a circular society. The ultimate goal? Waste extinction. Because it is nothing but the material in the wrong place.