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Tante Bella & Tante Jo

Is the label of Maan and Suus Ketterings. Aunt (tante) Bella and aunt Jo are their grandmother's sisters. They were 'left over' and lived together under one roof. The visits to the aunts on Sunday stayed with you. The house, the courtyard with the walnut tree, and of course the colorful aprons they wore. They were always busy. In and around the house and in your own vegetable garden. They made their own liqueur from walnuts and the cellar was full of preserving bottles with cherries on brandy, stewed pears, and jam.

Always welcome

Routine and cleanliness determined the rhythm of the day. The strict regime was put aside when visitors came. They enjoyed that immensely. They were frugal to themselves but generous to others. A visit to the aunts revolved around a well-stocked dining table. No culinary delights, but tasty recipes with honest ingredients and from a good heart. Especially with a lot of desserts.

Source of inspiration

Time seemed to have no grip on the aunts. They did not let the latest whims drive them crazy but held on to an enduring quality. That quality of life, that imperturbable adherence to what is good, has strongly inspired Maan and Suus to translate this into a collection of contemporary aprons. The aprons of Tante Bella & Tante Jo.

Maan and Suus, the new aunts!

Two sisters, just like aunt Bella and aunt Jo. And they both like to mess around in the kitchen, around the house, and in the garden. With an apron for the course. Living well and enjoying together around a well-stocked table is part of that. But that's where any similarity ends. The aprons are inspired by the aunts but originated from a spontaneous inspiration from Maan and a slightly too enthusiastic reaction from Suus, who was suddenly stuck with it.

Aprons with the technique of Maan (left)

She is an expert in the design and development of corporate clothing. She sees through the entire production process from idea to realization and immediately knows what consequences choices have on price, fit and quality. A good fit is her hobbyhorse. The design must also be aesthetically pleasing: so a subtle slit pocket and not a contrasting stitched-on pocket on an apron with the image of a work of art.

Suus (right) for commerce and communication

She advises companies on their strategic positioning and brand experience. She devises concepts and takes responsibility for their realization in text, image and photography. It connects product and consumer and ensures that the message gets through. From her background, the apron has grown into a business gift. With or without an extra gadget and provided with a suitable letter for relations and packed in a luxurious gift box.