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Joined forces

Studio Ditte has been around since 2005 and was founded by three designers. Marieke Dirks, Natasha Heesbeen and Endry van Zwam met as students at the Academy of Art in The Hague and decided to join forces under the name Studio Ditte. The studio is located in an inspiring neighbourhood in the city of Breda in the province of Brabant.

Wallpaper and more

Studio Ditte is a Dutch designer brand of the design bureau with the same name, and specialises in developing concepts, projects and products for interiors. They have designed a collection of digitally printed wallpapers, which are produced in the Netherlands but sold abroad as well. Besides wallpaper, Studio Ditte has also creates designs for bedding, decorative pillows, wall stickers, trays and paper products. Studio Ditte's design philosophy: "Studio Ditte aims to enhance people's experience through the enrichment of every day objects. A hidden story, something inspired by a different culture, or a twist that encourages thought. We do not believe in ponderous philosophising, but in people and their emotions, desires and dreams."