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Natural beauty

Studio Carmela Bogman wants to make people aware of the natural beauty around them. With simple and honest products that embrace nature and its beauty. Designer Carmela Bogman conducts extensive research into the history, the environment, or the use, which leads to surprising products with their own story. Studio Carmela Bogman designs objects for public space and products in and around the house.

Tangible result

One of the things that makes them very happy at Studio Carmela Bogman is actually realizing a product. A permanent part of the design process is to experiment extensively with different shapes, materials, and colors. The studio works with solid materials and local, experienced producers. Studio Carmela Bogman believes in craftsmanship and expertise but does not shy away from modern production methods. All designs by Studio Carmela Bogman are produced with a lot of love and attention in the Netherlands and want to make life more beautiful and light-footed.

Carmela Bogman - designer

For a Dutch designer, a study at the Design Academy in Eindhoven is no exception. To do a bachelor's in Design at the University of Lapland, like Carmela Bogman, is special. After her studies, Carmela founded Studio Carmela Bogman in 2006, located in Haarlem. As a designer, she is looking for the subtle beauty of things. A way to make life more beautiful and light-hearted with simple and honest designs.