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STOOK Porcelain Jewelry

STOOK is Mianne's de Vries porcelain jewelry collection. She created this unique jewelry label with her love for the material porcelain. The collection consists of necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, pins and is far from grown.

Mianne de Vries

Comes from North Holland and has lost her heart to the design profession. She has both a graphic and product background that she likes to combine. In her work, Mianne breaks through habits and expectations. She not only wants to make beautiful and handy products but also stimulates consumers by adding something extra to a product in order to allow people to make more contact with what they use. Breaking through the everyday atmosphere and stimulating their senses. She also likes to add a wink and a touch of humor now and then. In addition to STOOK jewelry, Mianne also designs vases and crockery. You will find Studio Mianne de Vries together with 12 more creative entrepreneurs at the Pootstraat in Rotterdam.