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Soonsalon is a typical Dutch brand

Soonsalon is a fresh young Dutch brand, which represents several young Dutch designers. The designs of Soonsalon fit in with the culture and mentality well, which is so characteristic of Dutch design. We recognise the solution-oriented thinking, functionality, brutality, humanism, free-thinking, the revitalisation, the quirky, unconventionality and especially the humour of Dutch design.

Humor and 3D printing: the perfect match

Soonsalon has a contemporary take on design and works with Dutch designers who are experts in 3D printing. Each new design is scrutinised and subjects to the criteria of Soonsalon before it is brought to life. Soonsalon believes that there is a story behind every design and that designs should touch you. In short; It should stimulate the senses. Fortunately for us though, many drafts have already seen the light. 3D prints from Soonsalon now vary from jewellery to home accessories and it's not about to stop there!