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Snellies Waskit & Ruud’s Waskit

Ruud Snel, the inventor of the Domkaars has been making it since 1969 in his studio Ruud’s Waskit in the Donkerstraat in Utrecht. After his death, his nieces Mandy and Manon Snel, twin sisters with the ambition to do business together, took over the Ruud's Waskit, expanded it, and renamed it Snellies Waskit.

Candles of Towers

The enthusiasm of Mandy and Manon made them search for more candle shapes. Ruud's drawing of another tower prompted them to make candles from other special towers and objects. The Brandaris candle and the Martini candle are now also a fact and the Amsterdammertje (Amsterdam pole) has been added to the range of candles from October 2020.

Handmade candles

Each candle is handmade by Snellies Waskit and each candle tells its own personal message from the giver to the recipient. You give a gift, a memory, a cheerful note, beautiful to put down, nice to give away, to light on a special occasion. You give a keepsake… that spreads light.