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Smaak Amsterdam is an Amsterdam label with only one goal: to make the most beautiful bags in Amsterdam and far beyond! The label was founded in 2010 by Andre Grundmann and has grown into a mature brand with sales outlets throughout Europe.

Feminine, modern and chic

Smaak stands for feminine and modern with a chic twist. The brand is timeless and at the same time completely contemporary. Stylish yet youthful. Bags with not too many bells and whistles because that is not André’s cup of tea. The woman who buys a Smaak Amsterdam bag is certainly not an average woman: she is confident, independent, fashionable and she knows what she wants.

Affordable quality

André (Venlo, 1972) once started a multi-brand store on the Leliegracht in Amsterdam, where he sold shoes and bags in addition to clothing. The purchase of clothes and shoes was always quite easy because there was a large selection, but buying bags was always a struggle, or the quality was poor, the models were not beautiful, too simple, and if they were beautiful then they were again way too expensive. So Andre thought to make his own bags. Producing a beautiful, high-quality bag that can compete with the expensive brands, that was the goal! Easier said than done, of course, but after two years of perseverance and quite a few disappointments, Andre managed to get the first bag from the band, the result: a direct hit !! And it was not just one bag, but a complete collection.

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