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The Silhouet Lighting label

Silhouet, short for Silhouet Lighting, is a Dutch label of local and handcrafted lighting in subtle uncomplicated designs, genuine fabrics & colors creating atmospheric light. Silhouet is created and developed by Jeroen Oeloff, over a period of time, finding its start in 2012 – 2013. The Silhouet collection includes several lighting designs such as L.A.M.P., the Circle Lamp and Tube.

The Silhouet Design Philosophy

When the first items of Silhouet where created, there was one specific goal: take pointless elements from an object, though give the remaining essential shape character. Inspired by earlier assignments and with the love for steel as a pure and raw material, the idea for essential and pure lighting objects was founded. Continuing to develop new shapes, the purpose is to create designs that evoke emotions. Because it appeals to you or detests you. That surprises you or alienates you. But certainly does not leave you unmoved. Please note; We don’t claim to be art, it’s only aesthetically.

Designer Jeroen Oeloff

With a Bachelor's degree as Textile Engineer and a career as a product developer, sourcing manager and buyer in the fashion and apparel industry at companies like De Bijenkorf and Sissy-Boy, Jeroen went on developing his fascination for home & interior objects. With the support of a former employer in the Interior Industry offering the opportunity to develop his design & product development skills, Jeroen developed his vision and philosophy on product design. The first project launched is Silhouet Lighting, characterized by four words: Minimal Shape – Beautiful Shade.