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These umbrellas are the result of the frustrating Dutch weather; a graduation project of a young Industrial Design and Engineering student named Gerwin Hoogendoorn. The Dutch weather requires no explanation. The experience of getting caught in the rain and umbrellas being wrecked by the wind are all too familiar.

In need of an update

Similarly Gerwin, who came up with the idea for his graduation project after three umbrellas had failed him in a single week. The umbrella was badly in need of an update. Ever since its invention (3400 years ago in Egypt) hardly anything about it had changed.
Even though Gerwin Hoogendoorn's idea was initially met with ridicule from his fellow students Gerard Kool and Philip Hess, he was determined to see his ideas through. At first, he asked various existing umbrella manufacturers for possible solutions, but none of them were interested, which proved to be a big mistake. After Gerwin invented a few very clever solutions, he became aware of the potential of his umbrella. He managed to convince Gerard and Philip, and the three soon began writing a business plan and made the first prototype. Although they had no business experience, they rented a small office and founded Senz. The rest is history.

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