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Riverstones jewelry

An English name for a pure Amsterdam jewelry brand. With a source of inspiration the ambitious, busy woman of our time. Every day we have 50,000 thoughts, we hear 5,000 sounds and every minute we make at least two choices. It is not surprising that we are sometimes overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The jewelry from Riverstones is meant to inspire women to be powerful by being both strong and soft. Strong through the pursuit of dreams and ambitions and also softly by seeking moments of silence. Because those moments ensure that you can better experience the beauty in yourself and in life.

The woman behind Riverstones

That is Ronja, in her thirties, who loves movement, adventure and action and also loves creating things. After her studies at the sports academy in Amsterdam (ALO), she gave sports lessons for a while. That wasn’t really her cup of tea. On Bali she thought for a few weeks about what she wanted to do in her life. There she started sketching jewelry and the idea for Riverstones was born. She has had a number of samples made of these sketches by a silversmith. A year later she went back and went home with a complete collection in her suitcase!

Dutch design, made in Bali

All Riverstone designs are by Ronja, who is self-taught. She looks around at what she likes and what the trends are. She makes sketches based on that. In consultation with production, a model is finally created that they, together, refine until it completely fits Ronja's idea. She still works with the same people in Bali now. There is now a very strong bond and two years ago they were able to realize their own workshop in Bali through a successful crowdfunding campaign.