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Fusion of publishers

Publisher TerraLannoo, headquartered in Houten. This publishing firm represents different brands such as Terra, Lannoo, and Michelin. Terra Lannoo is part of the publishing group Lannoo Meulenhoff, which also includes the publishers Unieboek / Het Spectrum and Meulenhoff Boekerij. Terra Publishing is a leading publisher of exclusive titles in the areas of art, photography, interior design, outdoors, design, fashion, and gastronomy.


Terra collaborates with authors and artists such as photographer Maarten Sketch, philosopher Alain de Botton, designers Piet Boon, Edward van Vliet, and Eric Kusters, and the world-famous chefs Rene Redzepi and Massimo Bottura. Publisher Terra Lannoo handles the sales and marketing of the publications of Terra Publishing, general publisher Lannoo, the academic publishing house LannooCampus and the Michelin-fund in the Netherlands. Lannoo is one of the largest Flemish general book publishers, known for its publications in the field of current affairs and history, health and psychology, spirituality, lifestyle and leisure, food and drink, art and photography, travel and tourism and children and youth. Michelin is the leading international publisher in the field of travel; accommodation guides, travel guides, road atlases, and cartography.