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Every now and again you come across a brand that does not just follow the latest trends, but establishes new ones. Present Time is such a brand. By working with a great team of designers, they are able to leave their own mark on constantly changing interior design trends. So if you're looking for trendy pillows or other accessories for your home, then the products by Present Time will be very worthwhile to consider. Its catalogue offers a great variety of items. From humorous kitchen accessories to trendy pillows. However, upon browsing their products, one discovers there are certain recurring themes. For example, Present Time really likes to use colour in their designs. From subdued pastels to bright neon colours.

Present time's history

The history of Present Time stretches back to 1980. It started as a small gift company called Kaleidoscope. Because of its success, the company merged with Clockwork. They decided to join forces under the name Present Time. In 1999, Present Time became even larger when it acquired two other companies: Karlsson and Leitmotiv. Today, each of its brands still operate independently and Present Time continues to expand as a parent company. In total, there are five companies contained in this branch; Pt, Silly, Karlsson, J.I.P. and Leitmotiv.

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