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Can the packaging also be a product?

The gigantic waste mountain has been a thorn in the side of designer Jaap Elzas for years. A large part of this consists of packaging. Why do plastic, paper, or cardboard have to be around everything? Could packaging and product also be one, Jaap wondered? He went to work with that idea. The result is the Packlamp: Less mess in the house and less garbage. It's that simple.

Design agency Jaap Elzas

Jaap Elzas and his design agency have forty years of experience in the field of product development, exhibition designs, and special signage projects, for, among others, De Nederlandsche Bank, the Dutch Parliament, Schiphol, and several ministries. In addition, he has always remained active as a product developer. For example, he designed the Senz Umbrella Holder for bicycles. Two of his earlier lamps are included in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York. Design agency Jaap Elzas is located in the center of Amsterdam.