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Atelier OZO is a design studio founded by Eric Wijffelaars. He studied at the well-known Design Academy in Eindhoven and graduated in 1994. After first working as a freelancer, Eric finally started his own Atelier OZO in 1995. The Dutch designer is based in Hunsel, Limburg. The Dutch brand focuses primarily on furniture and product design. Especially known are the uniquely shaped candles. Eric describes his designs as practical, uncomplicated, but above all visually appealing.

Design Candles

These visually attractive candles are handmade with a striking color. In addition, the candles are available in funny and playful forms. There are the Tri-light candlestick candles, dessert candles, in the shape of pudding, and the set of three canal houses in the colors of the Dutch flag. The latter is also perfect as a promotional gift or souvenir, but certainly also nice for everyone who lives in the Netherlands.


The candles from Atelier OZO are not only playful and cheerful but also quite unique. They are made from recycled wax from old church candles. The stumps of sacrificial candles have melted into playful creations. Hope, love, and wishes are put in the candles far in advance.