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Dutch designers

New Duivendrecht is a collaboration between Dutch designers Frederik Roijé and Victor le Noble. The Dutch brand focuses on making timeless furniture and home accessories. The entire production is done in the Netherlands, from design to production. New Duivendrecht makes use of modern 3D technology for the realization of their designs.

Design duo

Frederik graduated from the famous Design Academy in Eindhoven and creates his own designs under Studio Frederik Roijé, Victor studied Industrial Design at TU Delft. In 2004, he launched the Tuttobene design platform, helping young designers who want to focus primarily on sustainable designs.


Frederik Roijé and Victor le Noble do not work often alone; the duo regularly works together with young, talented Dutch designers. They do this to offer these young talents a chance on the market. It is not easy to get a name in the design world. New Duivendrecht previously worked together with Floris Hovers and Roderick Vos. You can also find their designs in our range.

The range

The collection of New Duivendrecht includes vases, mirrors, candlesticks and striking lamps, such as the Barrel lamp, which immediately catches the eye. The designs are timeless, sleek and stylishly designed. Often in uniform colors available.