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The Amsterdam design studio Mr. Maria (since 2006), is best known for the Miffy lamp. In addition to Miffy, Mr. Maria's collection consists of several iconic figures such as Snuffy, Boris, Le Petit Prince, Nanuk, Kokeshi, Anana, Smiley, and Brown. Items from this collection adorn children's and living rooms throughout the world. Every design from Mr. Maria is a mix of modern simplicity and the richness of classical values. Many lamps have the shape of famous figures, such as Miffy. Mr. Maria's designs live thanks to the creative imagination of young and old because only together the best stories are told. As they say at MrMaria: “We don't make products. We light up stars. " Give every character a nice place in the house, with a little love they feel at home everywhere.

The entrepreneurs

Mr. Maria was born out of a friendship between Jannes Hak and Lennart Bosker. Jannes studied at the art academy in Den Bosch and The Hague and then worked with equal passion for both art and design projects. This gave rise to the idea of ​​a design studio. After studying Management, Economics, and Law in Alkmaar, Lennart worked for both commercial and non-profit organizations. The different backgrounds and a corresponding vision formed the start of their collaboration, started from a dark attic room in the heart of Amsterdam. The name Mr. Maria was born out of their appreciation for dualism and a predilection for poetic values. After the birth of the warm Miffy lamp, more radiant iconic figures followed with the intention to create a magical world and thereby put a smile on everyone's face. The word that directs the studio is innocence. All Mr. Maria's products are manufactured with high-quality requirements in the Netherlands.

Mission, ambition and brand ethos

Mr. Maria is distinguished by a clear poetic style. Brighten up people by creating something sweet with sentimental value. They also find it their duty as makers to use materials and production techniques that are not harmful to the environment. For example, Mr. Maria has developed its own LED lighting since 2012 to ensure a unique and economical warm light. With every design, they strive to improve life locally without being burdensome at a global level. This starts with the choice of partners: Together We Can Do Better. The result is a company that is entirely made up of equal partnerships, with partners who share Mr. Maria's vision. By constantly renewing herself and experimenting with the most modern techniques, Mr. Maria always makes sure to stay one step ahead.

We are a family.
Our world tells the tales of characters,
some new and other well-known

These lively characters are all you need
whenever you’re at home.
A listening ear, a comforting smile or
even a cheeky grin

In pure innocence, our designs shine peace and
happiness from within.
Add a hint of mischief so we can reach
for just one little thing

We truly hope, the very most,
that it’s a simple smile we bring