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Maison Cocon is a young family business that specializes in the design and production of special lamps and interior decorations. With years of experience in the decor construction industry and high-quality laser and milling machines in-house, Robert and Rick Peters (father and son) enthusiastically started Maison Cocon in early 2016, located in Nieuw Vennep. The name of the company originates from the French word for home and cocooning, being cozy together and shutting yourself off from the outside world. Maison Cocon therefore has the ambition to make your home cozier. An assortment of wall decorations, geometric animals, skylines, flower vases and lamps has been built up with an eye for detail.

Machines, possibilities and recycled materials

Maison Cocon has powerful laser cutters and a milling machine with which Robert and Rick can make the most special shapes. They also take on any challenge for customization! No complicated interior decoration is too crazy for them. Maison Cocon uses recycled materials including PET felt and residual material from stand construction. They also design the packaging in such a way that they do not use more material than necessary.

Product Range

The Maison Cocon range includes a series of beautiful wall decorations including geometric animals, trees and skylines. Surprising is the series of laser-cut vases – always in combination with glass tubes. Robert and Rick have recently added a selection of very compact to large lamps in industrial design to the range. More to come…