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Dutch poetry

Fewer and fewer people are aware of the richness of the Dutch poetry. An excellent reason for Plint to introduce a larger audience to poetry and visual arts, making their days all the more fun. Why not take a look at the products Plint has on offer.

Poets from Holland

Can you name five famous Dutch poets? For many, this would prove a quite daunting task. Even though the Netherlands has a rich language tradition with fantastic achievements in the literary and visual arts. Plint aims to introduce a wider audience to that tradition. They do this by combining the most mundane products with art and poetry. Dull products are transformed into something totally new in order to inspire people and change their way of thinking.

Wide variety of products 

The products by Plint are full of creativity and offer something that broadens everyone's outlook. From placemats to passport covers, you name it and Plint will have something for you. Poems of famous and lesser-known poets from our beautiful country have been incorporated into the products of Plint. Products from the Plint collection are perfect gifts for family or friends, but are also ideal as a gift for yourself.