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Clocks tell a story

Since 2011, the designers at LEFF Amsterdam have been designing unique clocks. Clocks that do more than just tell the time; they also tell a story. LEFF designers look for visual beauty. They follow the tradition of Dutch Design, where everything revolves around a concept.

No guts, no glory

If you watch young people today, you'll notice that hardly anyone wears a watch anymore. Why? Because they have grown up in the digital age where they can constantly see what time it is on their mobile phone. Having a watch is superfluous, just as having a separate clock. Why would anyone even start making clocks? If anything, it shows the people at LEFF Amsterdam have guts, which is precisely how they got their name.

A personal touch

The word 'lef' (literally: guts in Dutch) comes from Hebrew, meaning heart. LEFF's studio is located in the heart of Amsterdam. Designing products that are seen by some as unnecessary takes some courage. This is why the designers at LEFF Amsterdam decided to add a more personal touch by adding a story. The fact that nobody actually seems to require a clock motivates them to constantly think of new ideas to make their clocks especially interesting.