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LEDR Wood Light

The LEDR Wood Light is a handmade, unique lamp that is made in Breda, the pearl of the south. LEDR strives to develop honest, unique products. The Wood Light is made from tree stumps that the LEDR team gives a second life to prevent the disposal of these unique pieces of wood. This means that you contribute to a sustainable world.

The LEDR brand

Is a brand of Cotton Ball Lights. Founded in 2010 by Luc Clement, this company produces thousands of Cotton Balls a day – fair trade at the Chain Mai location in Thailand. The range has recently been expanded with other home accessories such as paper rollers and book lamps. And recently with the Wood Light lamps produced in Breda.

LEDR Wood Light production

The Wood Light is made in Breda, where the LEDR team assembles all parts into Wood Light. You are always welcome to come and watch! Is Breda just a bit too far for you? Then we are happy to explain it here. The Wood Light workshop has been created in the LEDR warehouse. The Wood Light consists of a tree stump and as said before: we give all the tree stumps that we use a second life at LEDR, so that they are not thrown away. This is the part that starts it all. These tree stumps have of course been processed and dried first! A fitting, braided cord and Edison lamp are then placed in the base of the lamp. This lamp gives warm light and ensures that the Wood Light is extra atmospheric. The application of the LEDR logo on Dutch leather with gold-coloured nails forms the final piece.