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Keep your Woolie makes Kywie

Kywie is a Dutch initiative by Saskia Nooij. Kywie is shorthand for the phrase Keep your Woolie, and it is pronounced as kiwi.

Dyed in the wool

Saskia came up with the idea of making sheepskin coolers a while ago. She took the plunge at the end of 2013, mainly due to her experience in IT, the food industry, and the media. She had a number of her designs produced and had them tested extensively. By friends, family, neighbours, but most people from the wine and design world. Journalists and wine reviewers were sold.

Praise for quality and design

None other than Harold Hamersma and Hubrect Duijker wrote rave reviews about the Kywie wine coolers. On the quality of the temperature insulation and the design. "Until the final glass, the test subject, a red Château des Eyrins 2010, Cru Monplaisir, Bordeaux Supérieur, remained perfectly at my desired 17 degrees celsius" [in a Kywie wine cooler] Harold Hamersma, NRC 11-12-2014.

Sustainable Dutch production

Kywie coolers are made with Texel sheepskin from Texel sheep. Our own Dutch breed. Aside from the transportation by motor vehicle, the production process hardly affects the environment, making Kywie coolers sustainable products.

Kywie coolers for wine, champagne, and much more

Kywie coolers are available in various sizes. A fitting size for every bottle. Whether it is a bottle of champagne, wine, water, gin, or liquor. Even a sports water bottle or milk bottle wrapped in a Kywie cooler will stay at temperature.