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Genuine leather items

Keecie is a small design studio in Amsterdam designing genuine leather laptop bags, handbags, wallets, and purses. Keecie is an initiative of designers Klaartje de Hartog and Caroline Borgers, who only work with high-quality European leather.

Strong and durable 

Keecie produces every bag, case and purse by hand. This traditional form of production guarantees that Keecie's products are both strong and durable. A bag, pouch or wallet from Keecie will last for many years. One characteristic of leather is that it becomes smoother, more beautiful and more distinctive over time. If you buy a Keecie, you buy something unique.

Unique design

Klaartje and Caroline know how to make something truly unique out of the Keecie collection. Not only because they choose to create handmade products from genuine leather, but also because they provide each of their products with a special print. A unique, playful print. You'll easily be able to identify a purse or wallet by Keecie. Keecie is known for its Good Dog pouch, which has the form of a dachshund dog.