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Leather and silver jewelry

The promising Dutch jewelry brand Joy de la Luz was founded three years ago by designer Loes Molhuizen. In designing her cool bracelets, Loes is inspired by everyday emotions such as surprise, love and happiness. She works with leather, and uses both basic and modern patterns to create many different silver charm bracelets.
You are free to create your very own Joy de la Luz bracelet. The tough leather strap with buckle forms the basis of the bracelet and is available in many different colors and patterns. To complete your Joy de la Luz charm bracelet, you may choose from a wide selection of beads, charms and slides.

A brand with a double meaning

Loes already started creating her own jewelry at a young age. Her passion led her to pursue a creative education. The followed a renowned design course in Belgium and later studied in Spain and did an internship in South America.
When Loes finished her studies she had the opportunity to create a new jewelry brand. Joy de la Luz was born! The name Joy de la Luz has a double meaning. It may be translated as Joy of Light, in which Light stands for shiny jewelry. But Joy is also stands for Joyas, which means jewelry in Spanish. Furthermore, ´Luz´ sounds the same in Spanish as ´Loes´.

You can create your own 

Loes Molhuizen continuous to constantly create new designs and items for her bracelets. Now you have the chance to create your own bracelet! Take a look at our collection of leather straps and silver charms and create your own Joy de la Luz bracelet!

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