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Invotis is the name behind a series of unique home accessories, gadgets, and gifts. It is an exclusive brand with a humorous and useful range of products that manage to surprise while being of excellent quality. Since 1995, Invotis is the company behind a range of products consisting of home accessories, gadgets, and gifts.

Playful, functional, and surprising

The brand is known for its clocks and vases and is located in Almere, where it has an office and showroom. Erik Brevé stands at the helm as the director of the company. Invotis is constantly working towards developing new creative products. Their design philosophy is one in which the products have to be playful, functional, and surprising. Various materials are used, such as ceramics, cardboard, glass, and steel. Often incorporating typically Dutch characteristics. The high quality of Invotis products is what distinguishes them from many other brands. This is why, in recent years, Invotis has built up a good reputation within the Netherlands. Are you looking for a unique addition to your interior or are you looking for a nice gift for friends or family? Invotis will help you out.

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