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Humble makes portable mood lights with a friendly spirit that is easy to place, easy to use, and easy to love. The Humble journey started a few years ago when creative Amsterdam-based Humble designers came up with the Humble ONE: the first energy-efficient, battery-powered lamp with a bulb that glows like the old-school incandescent type. They named themselves ‘humble’, after this small and likable first design.

Smart & small

In an effort to push the limits of our creativity and combine it with emerging technology, the Humble team brainstorms and researches on a daily. Team Humble hopes you appreciate all the cleverness it tries to squeeze into the tiny frames. The portable Humble lights are perfect for tables, shelves, and nooks in your home where you’re unable to the plugin. Bringing warmth to cordless lighting since 2019.

APE Design

APE is a four-man-strong design team of TU Delft-trained industrial design engineers. They founded APE to focus on in-house developed design ideas, licensing them to brands they love – or helping create them. APE specializes in design for a big audience and has extensive knowledge and an ever-expanding network of mass production techniques. All four of us are creative industrial design engineers. Within the team, each has his own specialty. Gert is the team worker, Tom is the builder, Lenny is the inventor, and Douwe is the artist. Together with the APE team.