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An innovative global brand that creates sustainable products and creative DIY solutions with a unique story. 'Humade', founded by the sisters Gieke en Lotte, is defined by a continuous dialogue, strengthened by a shared passion and true dedication to find the right balance between man, product, and space. 'Humade' is about creating products with a bespoke and individual character; the key is a continuous search for innovative, unorthodox materials and techniques, magnifying the detail into the simplified, elegant essence of design.

More creative and aware

'Humade' also develops concepts that make you think to deal more creatively and consciously with the disposable culture. They inspire you not to see a stain or a broken item by definition as something bad, but to see possibilities in it. Like the New Kintsugi Kit. Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese repair (art) method, which emphasizes the beauty of imperfection. With this special gold or silver glue from 'Humade,' you do not deny the breaking points of your crockery, but you give them extra beauty, attention, and longer life. As a result, a unique eye-catcher with which you can move forward again! This Kintsugi kit can, in addition to porcelain, where it was originally used, be applied to almost all materials.