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Is the creative venture of Loes ter Haar and Rogier Scheinck. She knots, he saws. With their motto 'Don't think for a while, just act', they encourage young and old to start a creative hobby. For this, they have developed various do-it-yourself packages and workshops.

From the attic room to the studio

In 2017 Loes and Rogier started Houtje Touwtje as a hobby in the evenings next to their full-time jobs. Everything from home in the center of Zwolle. Houtje Touwtje has now grown into a company with a studio and workshop space at Co (formerly the Creative Cooperative) at Esdoornstraat 3 in Zwolle. They make all products here: Loes in the creative workspace and Rogier in the wood workshop. The combination of a creative workspace, wood workshop, and office is ideal and they enjoy all the other creative entrepreneurs around them every day.

Ideas translated into an assortment

In recent years, Houtje Touwtje has expanded its range considerably. Rogier has exchanged his miter saw on the balcony for a mechanical wood workshop. Previously he mainly made wooden cutting holders for plant cuttings or (dried) flowers, nowadays he also makes feeders and of course the popular mini picnic table for squirrels. As well as complete carpentry kits, jigsaw sets, and handmade flower presses. Where Loes started with handmade macramé plant hangers, she now sells complete do-it-yourself packages for all kinds of macramé projects and a whole series of embroidery kits to relax. Various original do-it-yourself packages have also been created for punch needling. The range has recently been expanded with homemade candles made from 100% rapeseed wax. Loes also regularly provides creative workshops in the studio, from making macramé plant hangers to embroidery and from knotting a Christmas tree to an extensive punch needle workshop.