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Timeless design

Timeless designer lighting that ignores all current trends. Lamps by Hollands Licht are of a different class and do not need to prove themselves. These lamps are very sturdy while providing that extra something to your interior. With these lamps, you bring a piece of art into your home.

Inspired by Dutch Golden Age

When founded, Hollands Licht drew inspiration from the masters of the Dutch Golden Age. The works of these famous painters are often based on the wonderful light produced by the Dutch skies. Artists were captivated by the Dutch light, and even now the sky continues to inspire the designers at Hollands Licht.

Simple but with character

The lights are designed to have very little extra fuss. The designs are simple and timeless, yet very cozy and with character. The luminaires are designed with a number of key values in mind, including functionality and beauty. Thanks to the creative and innovative use of materials and forms, they have won many prizes. The result is designed with its own distinct vision.