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The Amsterdam Soap House story

Out of appreciation for urban beauty, Piotr Gierek founded Het Amsterdamse Zeephuis. The unique shapes and silhouettes of Amsterdam are the direct source of inspiration for the soap creations. Colors, textures, and scents add a personal layer to urban designs, creating simple yet attractive, functional bars of soap. All soap designs are the result of distinctive stories and experiences. The soaps of Het Amsterdamse Zeephuis are handmade in Amsterdam.


At Het Amsterdamse Zeephuis, this means not only using recyclable materials, eliminating plastic for packaging, and producing locally. It also involves making consumables. Soap that you use as an everyday object. Enjoy them as a gift, souvenir, or toy for a while, and then use them until they literally dissolve.

A scented gift

The collection of soaps has a variety of scents. Each soap is inspired by an experience of a friend or family member who lives in Amsterdam. Discover the stories behind each of the fragrances in the stories section on the site of Het Amsterdamse Zeephuis. The collection currently includes 6 soap designs and fragrances: Orange and Cinnamon, Wild Rose, Chamomile, Bamboo and Charcoal, Cucumber and Aloe, and Almond.

Piotr Gierek

Was born and raised in Krakow in Poland. He obtained his bachelor's and master's degree in architecture from the University of Amsterdam and the Politechnica Krakowska. Since 2013, he has been based in Amsterdam where he worked as an architect for 8 years and developed a love for the beauty of the city of Amsterdam. Now he has shifted his focus to product design with architectural features and the further development of Het Amsterdamse Zeephuis.