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Heroes on Socks (HOS)

is a young sock label from Amsterdam designed for the modern determined man and woman who want to distinguish themselves with an extensive wardrobe. HOS is a sock label for innovative socks made with the very best yarns, based on traditional weaving techniques. All HOS socks and items are made in Italy in carefully selected small family workshops.

Socks deserve attention

In the vision of Heroes on Socks, the humble sock threatens to become a forgotten item. And that while it is an essential part of a solid outfit. Innovative designs and materials, attention to detail, and craftsmanship are the key ingredients to give Heroes on Socks designer socks the unique look we strive for.

Sophisticated and unique sock collection

Heroes on Socks constantly brings special products and a refined and unique collection to give a substantial addition to your daily outfit. Heroes on Socks offers socks made according to Italian traditions with a modern and edgy look, to be combined with contemporary lifestyles.