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Hendrik tempts you with designs by artists such as Bosch, van Gogh, and Mulders. Hendrik' is named after Duke Hendrik, the founder of ’s-Hertogenbosch. Wanda van Riet is the creative force behind this label and her brand has established an exclusive collection of designer products.

Joining forces

Combining functionality, artistic expression, and the cultural and historical value of a product is Hendrik´s main motivation. Value creation is the result. The team searches for ways to come up with something natural, something real. The Hendrik production process is organized in such a way that everyone does what he/she excels at. Thus, the designer, production company, creator, and/or artist all join forces. And it's Hendrik' that connects these people in a smart way.
Wanda van Riet approaches designers and manufacturers with artists' designs. Modern designs inspired by the works of our old masters. She asks them to apply these patterns in their work, resulting in a series of unique products!

Transparency is key

By collaborating, Hendrik is able to create a transparent production process in a unique and innovative way. Every person's contribution is immediately evident from the fair and authentic end results.
Wanda van Riet's favorite design is the foldable paper vase, surprising because of its use of material and durable construction. 2015 is the year of Van Gogh, and out of respect for him and his work, she designed a Van Gogh vase with a golden print. Why not take a look at it in our online store?