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Handed By is the leading brand in woven baskets, bags and home accessories made from materials that have as little impact on the environment as possible, such as recycled plastic and bamboo. The Handed By collection consists of original and colorful lifestyle products such as bags, planters, baskets, side tables that are also seats and storage.

DESIGNED for you, HANDMADE for you, RECYCLED for you, FAIR MADE for you

DESIGNED FOR YOU – from idea to product

Handed By is a product developer, designer, manufacturer and wholesaler in one. The home base is a design studio, office and warehouse in IJsselstein (near Utrecht). From here, Handed By supplies a large number of stores in more than 20 countries in and outside Europe. Handed By design is recognizable by the unique brand stamp in the form of a handprint. Everything that we hand on is made in a fair way and is guaranteed to be 100% child labor free.

HANDMADE FOR YOU - honest work

Handed By products are all woven by hand. With respect for Asian traditions and customs. That is why Handed By works together with the craftswomen themselves and the label offers permanent work to approximately 300 qualified craftswomen. Most weavers earn their money on the land in the rice fields or around the small farms with their cows, poultry and fruit cultivation. They live in a house with their children, parents and grandparents. When the work on the land is done, the craftswomen weave the baskets. When the baskets are ready, they go to a central area in the village where they are checked, cleaned and finished.

RECYCLED FOR YOU – give plastic a second life

Handed By gives used plastic a second chance and recycles industrial waste. We make granulate from the plastic waste for making strap, the basis of the Handed By baskets and bags. The entire collection is now made from recycled plastic.

FAIR MADE FOR YOU – fair payment

Handed By offers permanent employment to approximately 300 qualified craftswomen. Women with love for their profession and a great commitment to Handed By. All weavers work under healthy and hygienic conditions and receive a realistic salary. Because Handed By guarantees constant work, these craftswomen can take important steps forward. In this way they are able to provide their family and environment with basic needs, such as health, safe housing and education.