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Beautiful Goods

Those who love beauty with a story will feel right at home with Goods. Imagination and function come together in their designs, making the designer home accessories and original gifts of this brand a good fit for any interior. The Goods collection includes both everyday objects and decorative accessories for the living room or kitchen.

Collaboration with famous designers

'Goods' was established in 1995. Several Dutch designers - from established designers to new talents - have contributed products over the years, or collaborated in their production. Particularly famous designs are the Crushed Cup by Rob Brandt from 1975 and the 'Mirror Mirror' by Joop Steenkamer Jr. The innovative Goods Lazy lamp of designer talent Chris Slutter, an award-winning interior lamp, won the Dutch Furniture Prize in the category of Young Designers. Finally, the Goods Double Vase by Willem Noyons can be found among the collections of the Stedelijk Museum and the National Museum of Glass.

Products with a clear message

Goods is a Dutch design label of collaborating Dutch designers in the field of small furniture and decorative home accessories. The vases, bowls, lamps, mirrors, side tables, candlesticks, and dishes are invented in the former car garage Notweg in Amsterdam. This is a breeding ground for creativity and is shared with other designers and artists. All products by Goods have a clear message and are rooted in the experiences and childhood memories of the designer. 

Worldwide known

If desired, the designs from the collection of Goods can be personalized for use as promotional gifts. The production method is suitable for both large and small quantities. The Dutch designer products by Goods are sold worldwide and can also be admired in the New York Museum of Modern Art and the Design Museum in Iceland. Who wouldn't love a decorative accessory for their home that is also exhibited in major museums?