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Behind the design

Flat Flowers: designer Suseela Gorter came up with the idea for these designs. Ever since she graduated in 1997 as a graphic designer at the School of the Arts Arnhem, she ran her own studio for many years and designed many book covers for publishers such as Meulenhof, Querido, de Bezige Bij, and VPRO gids. As she faced the problem of desperately wanting flowers in front of her window, but having a small windowsill, she came up with the idea for the Flat Flowers. She wanted to share the cheerful atmosphere provided by a bunch of flowers with everyone, especially those who don't have a windowsill or are unable to take care of plants.

Life-size flowers

The window stickers by Flat Flowers are uniquely designed. Because they are super-realistic photo prints in a life-sized format, they look like actual flowers in front of your window. The stickers are made of a static material, so you won't have to use any glue (nor will there be any glue residue) in applying them to the window. This allows you to easily reposition them so you'll always have fresh flowers decorating your window. Another advantage is that these flowers are always in bloom and never slack, especially when you're away from home for a while.