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Fair Trade business

Fair business practice is what Fair Trade Original is all about. This Dutch brand for gifts and home accessories made in developing countries seeks to help both disadvantaged producers and customers that want to buy fair trade products. Since its founding in 1959 by Paul Meijs, Fair Trade Original offers Fairtrade products at a fair price. That way, you can be sure that the creators of the products actually make a living with their work. Consequently, Fair Trade Original invests in a sustainable future.

Once upon a time

Fair Trade Original has developed its own working method. Whereas in 1959 (under the name Committee for Support of Underdeveloped Regions - SOS) products were still being sent directly to developing countries, this practice changed in 1967 into a fair trade business approach. Yet dealing with producers in developing countries remains a constant effort in finding the delicate balance between ideals and commerce.

Attractive product range

Fair Trade Original has an attractive product range of original gifts, organic products with Skal certification, fair trade coffee, and chocolate from the Max Havelaar label. All products - from food to figurines - provide producers in Latin America, Asia, and Africa with fair development opportunities.

Design vases and collaborations

Fair Trade Original has placed the design of fair trade home accessories and gifts under the label Fair Forward.  The designs are produced in developing countries. They are inspired by various countries´ art styles. The Fair Forward Diamond vase and Origami vase are inspired by the folding art in Thailand for example. And the Piet Hein Eek vase is a collaboration with Vietnamese potters, where the traditional colors and motifs are given a new twist. Because of the unique element of these partnerships (Dutch and international influence), these products are extremely suited for Western interiors.