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Affordable and practical 

Designer Tim Vardy is the founder of Dutch Design Brand. The brand is known for the Dutch Design Chair and aims to design affordable and practical designer products in a sustainable way. Dutch Design Brand stands for sustainable, practical products that are distinguished by their simplicity and beauty. They strive for affordable designs that are accessible to a large group of people. Respect for people and the environment is a basic requirement.

Lifecycle of the brand

Tim Vardy studied Classical Piano at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He is the creator of the famous folding chair, the Dutch Design Chair. Tim works daily from his office in Haarlem, located next to the iconic Windmill De Adriaan. In other words, there is sufficient 'Holland' inspiration for Dutch Design Brand.

No seats left  

Which came first? 'The Dutch Design Brand' or 'The Dutch Design Chair? The idea for The Dutch Design Chair originated in June 2011 when Tim Vardy visited the North Sea Jazz Festival. When he saw that there were no seats left, he came up with the idea to design a practical cardboard chair with a beautiful print. The chair proved to be such a hit that Tim decided to design a complete line under the name Dutch Design Brand. But the Dutch Design Chair will always remain Tim's favorite! Find a famous chair in our shop and choose a print that suits you!