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High-quality coffee 

For over a hundred years, Bredemeijers has been manufacturing high-quality coffee and tea sets for the true connoisseur. The company was founded in Hilversum by Mr. G. Bredemeijer in 1914. The company has stood for quality and sleek design from the very beginning. Especially the famous double-walled Bredemeijer teapot has been acclaimed by tea lovers both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Tea accessories

Bredemeijer offers a broad collection with a great diversity of tea accessories. The combination of a practical design and the appeal of Dutch Design made the double-walled teapots especially famous both at home and abroad. The Bredemeijer double-walled teapot is an item that should not be missing from your tea set!

Dutch design teapot

The varied range of double-walled teapots offers an appropriate accessory for any tea lover. Each pot is made of stainless steel and the double wall keeps your tea hot and full of taste. Furthermore, any Bredemeijer double teapot is practically designed with a convenient handle, making it very easy to pour tea. It also prevents dripping. These teapots are very easy to maintain.

Merger History

Bredemeijer is part of the Bredemeijer Group, along with two sister companies; Leopold Vienna and Silver City. The group originated from the same firm: Bredemeijer. In 1934, the widow of Mr. G. Bredemeijer sold the company to a family that was active in the metal industry. In 1994, the company changed owners once more. In 2009, Silver City was acquired and 2010 saw the addition of the German brand Leopold Vienna to its portfolio. In January 2012, the three brands merged under one umbrella: Bredemeijer Group BV.