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Dinelight Amsterdam

Dining with cool or romantic candlelight

You can do both with the DineLight '. A particularly simple but very atmospheric candlestick that can be used on both sides. For both tea lights and gracefully long candles. It fits around the neck of a wine bottle or a water bottle. If they are full, we think it will be just a little nicer. But it can also simply be placed on the table or on the edge of the fireplace.

Dutch Designer André Sjouerman

This versatile DineLight candlestick was conceived and designed by the Dutch designer André Sjouerman, who is perhaps better known as a film / TV casting director, portrait photographer, and agent for actors. A creative spirit, which recently also won product design. From the idea to the development of the DineLight, Sjouerman only took 14 months. In those 14 months, all possible materials and production processes were tried out, both at home and abroad. Sjouerman nevertheless opted for steel. Dutch steel. And laser-cut hot and cool rolled steel.

Tough and romantic against each other

Steel gives the DineLight weight, which gives pressure and stability when the candlestick hangs around the neck of a bottle. Steel also gives a tough look and fits in perfectly with the trend of industrial living. Robust, tough, rugged, and honest material in sturdy circles for romantic candlelight from tea lights. If you turn the candlestick, tulips will appear in the steel that will fit elegant long dinner candles for a romantic dinner. A versatile candlestick. Nice to receive as a gift and certainly to give as a gift to, for example, ex-pats or business relations abroad!

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