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David Derksen Design

Playing with the forces of nature

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About the brand

David Derksen Design is an independent brand, named after the founder and designer David Derksen. The Dutchman is known for his fascination with materials and the forces of nature. He seeks out the boundaries of what is technically feasible and plays with the scientific properties of elements.

Versatile design

The products of Studio David Derksen Design are designed, produced, and assembled in his own studio. Instead of a product or design category, it is his choice of material that is often the starting point of his design process. The jewelry (Moire series), the vase (Dewar Vase) as well as the tray (Table Architecture) can be found in the Holland shop collection. Rightfully called a versatile brand ...

Behaviors of the material 

David Derksen is intrigued by the properties and behaviors of materials. He creates beautiful products by playing with the forces of nature. To illustrate: The collection of Holland.com includes the necklace Moiré 1 (arc and circle), Moire 2 (droplet), Moiré 3 (diamond shape), Moiré 4 (droplet and circle), and the brooch Moiré (circle). This jewelry reinforces the playful imagination. The combination of perforated plates brass and black coated metal creates a graceful moire effect, a distinctive projection of circles and dots with a hypnotic effect.

Special Dutch design

Derksen uses modern materials for his designs. Shiny, tough metals such as brass and copper can be easily combined with sleek shapes and interesting lines. The designs are often the result of studious research on the behavior of materials and natural phenomena. The Transience mirror, for example, shows the different stages of the oxidation process. The hand-folded Brass Light takes up to a full day to produce! But this is what makes this Dutch designer product something special!