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Light and lightness

Danielle Origami Lamps are made for people who want to enjoy warm soft light and clear design in powerful geometric shapes. Picking out a lamp for your home, shop or office isn’t anything: lighting determines the atmosphere and mood in a room. With Danielle Origami Lamps you give light and lightness to your room. Daniëlle Verbeeten designs and makes the Daniëlle Origami lamps personally in her studio and shop at the Klarendalseweg in the Arnhem fashion district.

Structure versus chaos

Designer Daniëlle Verbeeten gives the Daniëlle Origami Lamps clear structures and patterns. And yet they are complex by the play of depth, light, and shadow. You could say that the lamps in a way unite all kinds of contrasts: Simplicity versus complex three-dimensional forms, tight, powerful geometry versus soft indirect light, hard straight lines, and yet the paper looks soft as velvet, straight corners and round shapes, rhythm versus silence, powerful yet delicate. These contradictions make the lights next to light sources also interesting to watch objects. Daniëlle Verbeeten loves these contradictions. Nice to know: During her work, Danielle is concentrated and careful, but at the same time she can never find her keys or glasses and her Studio sometimes looks like it is exploded.

Sources of Inspiration

Danielle Origami Lamps was born out of a love for paper folding. Origami. What fascinates Daniëlle is that origami is an art form where you add nothing and you take nothing away. You work with what is there. And the possibilities are endless. The work of M.C Escher - world famous graphic artist - is a great source of inspiration for Daniëlle: you can keep looking, without really understanding and at the same time feel what it is about. In the museum looking at the work of Escher Daniëlle experienced for the first time what people mean when they are hit by a work of art: “I find it so beautiful, so incomprehensible, fascinating and beautiful”.  But also the works of art by Jan Schoonhoven. Beautiful how his white squares constitute fascinating “wholes”, that always move and change under the influence of light. Also, architecture can inspire Daniëlle can. For example, the Mezquita in Cordoba. That's a place to be and wonder. Or closer to home, but equally beautiful: Radio Kootwijk.


Every centimeter of each Danielle Origami Lamp is lovingly handmade. Just because she likes to make beautiful things and to bring light (ness) to homes. She is incredibly proud that her customers do their daily things every day by the light of a Danielle Origami Lamp.

Origami - the art of paper folding

Of origin, origami is a traditional Japanese art form. In the last sixty years, origami has developed into a modern art form. This development is not only due to Japanese origami artists but to designers and folders from all over the world. In this international cooperation internet played an important role. Modern origami combines design, engineering, mathematics, and art into a single art form. As in other art forms such as sculpture or painting also different styles have arisen in origami. You have geometric, abstract, and representational origami. "With origami, you add nothing, you take nothing away. You work with what is there. " And that fascinates Daniëlle beyond measure: "I am totally captivated by the idea that you can recreate everything from the world around us from a simple sheet of paper". All origami does, is make a little magical something out of almost nothing. It is still “just a sheet of paper” – but now with enough genius, geometry, and spirit to make you smile. Saadya Sternberg