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Amsterdam based

Döpp Sieraden is the label of goldsmith Yolanda Döpp. For more than fifteen years, she has been designing and creating the most beautiful silver and gold jewelry in her studio in Amsterdam. Yolanda's atelier is located in the Zamenhofterrein in Amsterdam North, where 200 creative entrepreneurs operate together.

Goldsmith & silversmith

In 1986, Yolanda Döpp obtained her goldsmith certificate at the school for Goldsmiths in Amsterdam, after which she also followed a year-long silversmith course. Döpp jewelry is unique and always produced in small quantities. The style of Yolanda Döpp is reflected in all her jewelry collections. The shapes and lines of applied art, fashion, architecture, and nature are often her sources of inspiration. The contours of her jewelry often lend her pieces a graceful and playful air, yet at the same time her bracelets, necklaces, brooches, and earrings also express robustness.

Vast collection

The pieces in her jewelry collection, available in silver or gold, are distinguished by their sleek and beautiful finish. All pieces by Döpp are based on a strong technical foundation, as many of her designs form a single piece, with minimal interruptions. For example, the lock matches the design of the piece very well. 
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