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Creative Lab Amsterdam

In 2013 graphic designer Heleen founded her own studio. With success, it did not take long before Heleen noticed that there were more and more requests for her custom graphic work. Suddenly, Nienke came across her path, strong on the business side. This is how Creative Lab Amsterdam was established in 2016.

Own style

The extensive collection, including eye-catching wallpaper, notebooks, and greeting cards, has a unique signature. With original designs, elegant prints, powerful colors, creative printing techniques, and the use of high-quality materials as a common thread. The focus is on stationery and wallpaper, but the Creative Lab Amsterdam creations are now also available as IXXI wall decorations.

Hit the target

Creative Lab Amsterdam's designs are based on feelings. Emotions. The designs bring energy and joy. For example, the choice of a specific wallpaper design largely determines the atmosphere in a room, a well-chosen card can reflect the joy of new parents or enhance the birthday feeling. The basic principle is that the design of a wallpaper, greeting card or notebook should never be chosen randomly. Whether it is the result of an extensive and critical search or an accidental "bull's eye": each chosen design should make you feel good.