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Brutus Kookt !: best a strange brand name

The Brutus Kookt brand name! is actually just a text that was used for printing and typesetting tests. Just as today we use 'Lorem Ipsum' as a text for proof, since the 16th century the text 'Brutus Kookt!' was used. The makers thought of a funny name for a brand that sells kitchen accessories. Incidentally, Brutus Koopt is a division of Ritzenhoff in Nieuwegein, which sells a well-known series of beer, wine, and champagne glasses.

Handy kitchen accessories with a funny twist, such as Het PiepEi

Brutus Kookt! brings useful products for the kitchen and table to the market. These kitchen and cooking aids are not only very ingeniously designed, but all also have a special design. The well-known kitchen aid 'Pasta timer Al Dente' is still widely sold. And the musical egg timer PiepEi is not inferior to his older brother. The Consumers' Association rated the PiepEi of Brutus Kookt with a 'Very good'. And we totally agree with the consumer panel.