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BIEN moves believes in the positivity of humanity: By being positive, we can contribute and connect with everything and everyone around us. By creating valuable things and thoughts, we want to get people moving. The BIEN moves team is inspired by nature and creative minds from art and history. They showed themselves in their own unique way and now give us the energy to do the same: “Standing out people become outstanding by standing out”.

BIEN moves wants to enable people to develop themselves and stand for what they believe in and what they are passionate about. BIEN moves travels with you, so you have the courage to be tough and soft at the same time.

Inspiration and assortment

In the range of BIEN moves, the sources of inspiration are clearly recognizable as nature, art and history. Elements from works of art by Boontje, d'Hondecoeter, Monet, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh, but also Queen Elizabeth form the basis for a varied range of accessories such as cases, bags, backpacks, notebooks, keyrings and pens. BIEN moves has a keen eye for sizing and editing characteristic elements of carefully selected works of art, art on accessories, resulting in a collection of must-haves.

BIEN moves founder Sabien Duetz

Sabien Duetz, founder of creative agency BIEN innovation had the dream to start an accessory brand, and so BIEN moves was born. Sabien Duetz previously worked as a buyer and purchasing manager at various retailers. And has experience in setting up ranges, brand portfolios and private labels. As a sales manager in running and setting up stores. As a design, concept and innovation manager in guiding design and innovation by constantly developing and realizing new concepts. Bringing together creation and commerce, BIEN moves from inspiration to innovation to implementation. From a to Z.