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ATMK: Aan Tafel Met Karin

In English: At the Table With Karin. Not just any name, because the driving force behind this craft company is Karin den Dulk. A creative, enterprising, and passionate woman who knows how to navigate her way in the tough world of woodworking. Karin is involved in all facets of the company. From creating new designs to cutting, lasering, and milling the wood. This all happens in Den Hoorn, adjacent to Delft. ATMK has now grown into a real family business, in which her husband Michel and two children also regularly work. One thing is certain: ATMK focuses on innovation, quality, sustainability, and optimizing the end-user experience.

Cutting boards, serving boards, and more

The Dutch brand ATMK does not only make cutting and serving boards such as those that can be found in Holland Design & Gifts. Various types of customized menu holders and blocks, wooden room dividers, and disinfection columns also come from the ATMK workshop. Made of FSC wood: French oak or Dutch elmwood. In addition, ATMK is increasingly making cutting and serving boards from recycled paper and wood fiber.