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Dutch design

A Beautiful Story is a jewelry line founded by Dutch designer Cathelijne Lania. The beautiful story arises when Cathelijne changes course and her job as marketing manager says goodbye to pursue her dream. In Nepal, where the labor market is very tight, Cathelijne wants to create work for people with a lot of talent and passion. A ticket to Nepal is therefore quickly booked.

Silver jewelry from Nepal

Arriving in Nepal, Cathelijne has to start from scratch. She knows the owner of a silver factory in Kathmandu and decides to sit down with it. She wants to help him bring his silver jewelry to the market, creating more employment. The A Beautiful Story jewelry line was born.

Jewelry with beads

In addition to the silversmiths, Cathelijne also manages to sit down with different women and also realize her ideas here. These women make jewelry by mainly using beads. The Nepalese women create beautiful jewelry and Cathelijne decides to implement her project: with a suitcase full of jewelry Cathelijne leaves for the Netherlands and then brings them on the market. In the meantime, A Beautiful Story has become a big success story and Cathelijne has won various prizes for her efforts in third-world countries.

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